Air Experts of North Florida Inc.



You can always count on the professionals at Air Experts to provide you with excellent and exceptional repair service , our  professionals are experienced and as such they do the job right the first time. This eliminates the chances of engaging in repeated repairs.


Besides the maintenance, repairs, and sales of air conditioning, heating and ventilation units, Air Experts also provides designing and building of specifically requested systems.


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 We offer industry-best installation services for reliable and efficient comfort control. Many things go into the proper installing of a new system. Without the proper design and installation, a system cannot run as designed and can even cost hundreds of extra dollars to run each year.

Preventive Maintenance

Just like any system, a regularly serviced HVAC unit pays dividends both in the short and long run. Such scheduled maintenances reduce the chances of emergency breakdowns, expensive repairs and high energy bills.  While prolonging the life of your HVAC system